Coconut Water Bottling Plant

  • Coconut Water
    Upstream Processing

    The upstream process includes : Pasteurization to kill the microorganisms, De-oiling to remove the oil in the water for storage in chilled tanks.

  • Coconut Water
    Extraction & Collection

    The coconut water is extracted from whole nuts using high yield drain conveyor that allows continuous water recovery at high capacity.

  • Receiving & Handling

    The receiving system is designed to minimize contamination and streamline raw materials handling.

During the coconut water bottling process, the product is quickly heated to sterilization temperature to kill the harmful microorganisms, while still being able to retain the fresh taste in the coconut water. As per the orders, the coconut water is bottled and packed. The bottling plant involves washing, filling, capping, cap sterilization, bottle cooling and labelling.

The machine adopts international advanced technology to fill the PET bottle. The plant works harmoniously with an air conveyor belt. It holds the bottle by the neck, thus reducing the possibility of bottles falling over during the conveying process.