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Coconut Milk Squeezer

The amount of Coconut milk produced depends on the pressure applied at the time of pressing grated coconut. The higher the pressure, the more Coconut milk is obtained. Some commercial mechanical pressing tools that available in the market are not efficient due to the working steps too much and take long time per cycle of work. But our Coconut Milk Squeezer reduces the cycle time.

Salient features & Advantages

  • 1 Tonne Milk Squeezer Stainless Steel
  • Capacity- 1000 KGS/HR Input/ 35-40 KGS/HR.
  • Head Product Contact Parts and Screw and Feeding hopper and collection chute, Constructed with Stainless Steel 304 Material
  • Bottom mesh 0.5 MM Thickness SS 304 Material, 1 MM Diameter hole and 1.3 MM Diagonal Pitch, and Outer Mesh with 5 MM thickness Plate and 10 MM Diameter Hole with 15 MM Diagonal Pitch.
  • Main Drive Gear box with VFD Drive to adjust the RPM of the Screw, Machine stand Constructed with Rigid Steel Structure Power 20 HP Motor with Suitable VFD.
  • 2 HP End Drum Rotator with Pneumatic Front and back adjustable.

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