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Coconut Husk Processing Machines

Beats and splits the coconut husks into fine coconut fiber and coco peat. It comprises of a fiber extraction machine, husk substrate machine and dryer.

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Coco Fiber( Coir Fiber) Coco Peat ( Coir pith)

Coconut Food Processing Machines

The machine yields top quality skimmed milk under the most hygienic conditions. The machine is used to separate the virgin coconut oil from the skimmed milk.

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Coconut milk
Virgin Coconut Oil
Dessicated Coconut
Dc & Vco & Milk


Coconut Charcoal Activated Carbon

Coconut Shell Processing Machines

The machine produces a superfine, non-explosive, non-inflammable and brittle powder. Activated carbon is a smokeless and no spark fuel.

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Coconut Water Concentrate
Coconut Water Bottling Plant

Coconut Water Processing Machines

The coconut water is continuously concentrated through a vacuum evaporator. The machine is designed to minimize contamination and streamline handling.

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