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Flavoured Coconut Milk

Milk is extracted from freshly grated coconut of 9-10 months old. Extracted milk is clarified to remove suspended solids which are present in the milk. Coconut milk is then mixed with coconut water and diluted by adding purified drinking water until it is appropriate for flavoured coconut milk production. It is then mixed with 10-12% sugar, 2% stabilizers, emulsifiers and flavours. The flavoured coconut milk is then UHT sterilized at 138-140°C for about 15 seconds, which is then packed in sterilized PP bottles.

Why UHT?

With pasteurization, coconut milk is heated to 80-85°C with a holding time of 10 minutes before it is cooled. Along with correct cooling, and chilled distribution, pasteurized milk has a shelf life of five to 15 days. In UHT treatment, milk is exposed to brief, intense heating to temperatures in the range of 138-140°C for about 15 seconds. Most importantly, UHT treatment is a continuous process which takes place in a closed system that prevents the product from being contaminated by airborne micro-organisms. The UHT coconut milk passes through heating and cooling stages in quick succession, then is immediately put into a sterile packing material and this prevents reinfection. The end result is a product that lasts up to six months without refrigeration or preservatives.

Product Specification Of Flavoured Coconut Milk

S.No Parameters Flavoured Cocunut Milk
1 Total Soluble Solids(%) 20-22
2 Total Fat(%) 0.92
3 Carbohydrates(%) 17.33
4 Protein(%) 1.42
5 Minerals(%) 0.40

Production Of Flavoured Coconut Milk

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